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African Innovation Communication Agency launches

London/Nairobi – 5/12/2012

NYOTA MEDIA  – the world’s first communication and PR agency for innovative African entrepreneurs, start-ups, and international companies that use technology to improve the lives of Africans, has launched.

Based in London with its office in Nairobi opening in the new year, NYOTA MEDIA will focus on marketing, media, and brand development for African innovation companies.

On a daily basis, media headlines report on how mobile apps are used to improve and progress the life of Africans; from health, education, agriculture, green tech and commerce to fashion, games and entertainment.  Africa’s image within the global media has positively improved.

“In the past 5 years the image and perception of Africa in the western media has changed beyond recognition to be the most innovative and exciting place to be, and rightly so” says NYOTA MEDIA’s Founding Partner and former BBC Journalist Shaheera Asante.

Currently, 7 out of 10 African countries  (Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, DR Congo, Ghana, Zambia and Nigeria) are currently in the fastest growing economies on the planet for the coming years with an average GDP growth rate of about 7 percent or more. These countries have a combined population of 424M people.

“Long gone, thankfully, are the daily news feeds of war, poverty, starvation or corruption which was the only news reported on Africa by the very same media, who are now rushing to get the latest African innovation scopes and blog feeds – the progressive and brighter side of Africa was often ignored” adds Asante.

Mobile Strategist and Founding Partner of Nyota Media, Rudy De Waele comments  “2012 has been a breakthrough year for innovative projects and mobile/technology startups in Africa. We’re entering an incredible prosperous time of market development, using innovation and mobile technology on the continent, The elements needed to create a healthy ecosystem which allows entrepreneurs and startups to grow in this area are coming together” says De Waele.

NYOTA MEDIA’s founding partners are well-connected within the international technology media and the African innovation scene, and have recognised the need to support effective communication and PR strategies in this growing sector on the continent.

For its launch NYOTA MEDIA has released today its presentation on Mobile Opportunities in Africa – Engaging with the next billion which was curated and presented by Rudy De Waele recently at the ForumOxford Mobile Apps and Technologies Conference 2013, at Oxford University.

Follow @nyotamedia on Twitter for regular updates on our activities and news on innovation in Africa.

In addition we are offering one day a week  free services to young African innovations – this is an initiative to assist up and coming projects on the continent with their PR and Communications when often their budget does not allow.


For more information and our current projects please contact us:

Shaheera Asante, biography here
Founding Partner – Nyota Media Ltd
Telephone UK: +44 (0) 7803 422 466

Rudy De Waele, biography here
Founding Partner – Nyota Media Ltd
Telephone UK: +44(0) 7803 504 626

Note to Editors:

Mobile Opportunities in Africa – Engaging with the next billion. Produced by Nyota Media. Curated by Rudy De Waele This exclusive presentation gives an unparrelled insight into Africa’s mobile and technology industry. Available free on Nyota Media’s website.

Interview Requests with Rudy De Waele or Shaheera Asante can be arranged by emailing: